Mommy Hack: Aaptive, Workout App

When you’re pregnant, you are expected to eat reasonably, exercise via walking, yoga, etc. all in hopes that when you finally have your baby that your body will bounce back.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and it certainly wasn’t the case for me after baby No. 2.

I kind of stumbled upon Aaptive, I think I was listening to Coffee + Crumbs when I discovered it. On a side note, Coffee + Crumbs is a wonderful podcast about moms, talking about all things motherhood, it’s worth checking out.

Anyways, I decided to download the app from the Apple store and check it out. Honestly, I didn’t touch the app for the first 45 days or so…what’s another app?…but then I actually listened to it and started to get motivated by what all was available. There is weight training for all levels, yoga, running (right now it’s more like run-walk intervals), meditation and even cycling classes! There is actually a whole lot more but these were the key selling points for me.

When I mean classes, it is literally you, your headphones and phone working out together. For me, I stuck to the beginner running which you can adjust to a treadmill or to outdoor running. In there, I found run-walk intervals, pure walking, and even 5K training plans. About twice a week, I try and do a weight training class, mostly bodyweight but you can find classes with or without weights that are as short as 9 minutes if that is all the time you have.

There is also a great Maternity Program that is divided into first, second and third trimesters and finishing with Stroller workouts. The Stroller workouts are for those moms who have the kids strapped in and need to get a workout in. It was honestly here that I wanted to get started. I ended up using the outdoor running, walking and weight training sections more and loved it as I could pick my favorite workouts and save others for later. This is what you call motivation. I have so many I want to try now that I may need a filter for my favorites!

At $99 for the year, I figured I could definitely try it and see if it worked for me. Right now on their website, it looks like they are having a 30% off sale for 12 months of unlimited workouts plus a free month, $5.83 a month, if you pay for the year in advance. At about $69 for the year, this is a steal. I’m not sure how long it will last but here is the general link.

Also, FYI, they didn’t pay me or ask me to write this, I am writing this on my own accord without gaining anything from this. I do have 10 guest passes I am willing to share for a free 30-day trial. So write me in the contact section and mention this article and I’d be happy to share them with you.

They say you only have one body, you should treasure it and invest in it. Easier said than done when you are sleep deprived and have two kids but I promise you, you will feel better, clearer and good that you did something, for you and only you.

Happy Tuesday! Go get active…or Aaptive!

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