Grocery/Meal Delivery Services: Safeway Delivery

I wanted to share this before it expired on June 30, 2018. As a mom of now, two kids, grocery shopping has become a major chore and I’ve tried everything from Home Chef, Blue Apron, Freshly to ClickList grocery pick up of King Soopers and the latest in grocery home delivery, Safeway’s Rush Delivery powered by Instacart.

Having your groceries delivered is almost as amazing as having everything prepped and ready to eat via Freshly! I personally like to cook so I love Home Chef and Blue Apron which gives me three meals every week, every two weeks, or whenever I want them. However, having said that, there aren’t always the menu items that I want to cook like my Mom’s lasagna or that Quinoa salad I like to make. In these instances, it’s better for me to run to the store with a list in hand and pick things up. This was all fine and dandy with no kids, maybe okay with one kid but a toddler and a screaming infant whose car seat takes over the entire cart, isn’t the way to go. I’d rather have them deliver everything I need or want directly to my home. Who wouldn’t? You ask for what you want, how you want it, take advantage of what’s on sale, including all their Fresh Cut program and Organics (name of private label organic) products.

So here is a free way to try free delivery and get $10 off your first order: enter in the promotion code: TENFREE at That’s it! Enjoy!!

Oh, and use before June 30, 2018. Happy Shopping!

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