Being Pregnant and Loving Wine

As much as I love wine, I had to abstain during pregnancy. I wasn’t easy but now I have a healthy baby boy to show for it.

Sacred Drop

I am often asked, “How did you do it?”

I work in the wine industry. I am a wine writer and a wine lover,  However, honestly, until you start carrying a life inside you, you won’t understand this problematic situation.  Yes, it was initially hard to stare at those beautiful wines and pine over how delicious they must taste. The good thing is that you can taste them—just that you just can’t imbibe them.

Most recently on NPR (National Public Radio), I heard the latest findings from the American Academy of Pediatrics stating that pediatricians say that women absolutely should not drink while pregnant. While I can agree with this determination, there were so many studies before this stating that moderate to minimal drinking has been proven not to cause any cognitive disabilities.

How to process this information?  One thing to consider is that the baby you are carrying is…

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